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General Questions


Q. What is ImproveYourRank.in

A. ImproveYourRank.in is a product which is aimed at helping students studying for CET exams to better gauge their preparation and performance and improve it with the help of tools like Accuracy Booster, Performance Tracker and Peer Ranking.


Q. What is so different about ImproveYourRank ?

A. The unique thing about ImproveYourRank is that, unlike before, now the students get to compete with other students from all over Karnataka and see their approximate/actual rank even before writing the CET exams.


Q. What is 'Inspiration Corner'?

A. The Inspiration Corner is designed expressly to motivate stressed out students to keep working on improving their performance and provide an account of the experiences and situations faced by previous CET toppers while preparing for their exams.


Q. Can I send in my experience to be put up in the Inspiration Corner?

A. Yes. Anyone, who wants to share their CET Preparation experiences with the rest of the world can send in their experiences and have them published in the Inspiration Corner


Q What is the 'Information' section?

A. The Information section provides the users brief and detailed information on the latest updates regarding the CET exams.


Q. What is 'Tips & Tricks'

A. The purpose of the Tips & Tricks section is to provide students with extra study material. This section contains important formula, tips and helpful pointers to improve performance in the exam.


Q. What is Doubtfire?

A. Doubtfire is a section that is meant to serve as a virtual teacher for students. If they come across questions they cant find the answers to or concepts they cant understand, they can just put the question up here and receive an answer quickly.


Q. My name is not appearing/different in Doubtfire. Why?

A. The name is different because only Nicknames are displayed in Doubtfire. If you have not selected one yet, please go to your profile and choose one.


Registration and Payments


Q. how do I register?

A. Registration is very simple.

Click on the Register now button on the home page.

Fill all the fields with valid information

Select a payment method and make the payment

Begin using the account


Q. How do I pay for this service?

A. Payment methods are very simple

Credit Card:

Select Credit Card as the payment method

Enter details of the Credit Card and click on “pay now”

Fill in all the relevant details like Credit Card number, CVV number and Date of expiry of card

Click on “Continue” to access the account

An invoice will be mailed to your email id, keep it safely.


Bank Deposit:

Go to the registration screen and select bank Deposit as the student payment option

A bank 'Pay-in-slip' will be generated.

Take a print out of the 'Pay-in-slip' and pay the amount at any Axis Bank branch location in Karnataka

Call our Customer Service Executives on (080) 4210 1156 and provide the Pay-in-slip number

Upon verification of the payment, the account will be activated


Scratch Cards:

Buy a scratch card from any of the authorised dealers

Go to the registration screen and select the payment method as Scratch card

Enter the 16 digit code mentioned on the card in the space provided on the Payment submission form and click on “Pay now”


Q. I don't want to purchase the package without seeing the service. What do I do?

A. If you want a demo of the service then you can register by choosing your “Account type” as “Free”. As a free user you will have:

Access to the Inspiration section (read/post comments)

Access to Tips & Tricks (read/post comments)

Access to Doubtfire (read/post comments)

Access to one demo test in the “Dashboard”


Q. How long does it take for the payment made via Bank Deposit to be cleared

A. The moment you pay the money to the bank, it will be updated in our systems and we will be able to activate your account.


Q. My scratch card is not being accepted.

A. If your scratch card is not working

Make sure that you have entered the 16 digit code correctly

Ensure that the card is still valid


Q. Why is it not accepting my Credit Card number?

A. Ensure that the correct Credit Card number has been entered and that the CVV number is also correct (Place image of CC with CVV no circled)


Q. Is my Credit Card information secure?

A. We do not store any card information in our company. The credit card payments are handled by the Axis Bank Payment Gateway and all information is stored securely with the bank's.


Q. I do not have an account with Axis Bank. Can I still make the payment using Bank Deposits?

A. Yes. you do not have to have an account with Axis bank to make the deposit. Simply show them the 'Pay-in-slip' that you have printed out and make the required payment


Q. If I am not satisfied with the the services will I get a refund?

A. No. We do not provide any refunds.


Q. What is 'Promocode'?

A. If a college has tied up with our company, then we may provide special discounts to the students of that college. In order to avail these special discounts, the students should mention this code during registration


Q. Where do I enter this Promocode during registration?

A. The slot for entering the Promocode has been provided on the Registration Page near the bottom of the page.


Q. Can the 'Promocode' be used more than once?

A. Each student can use the code to register only 1 account. The same code can be used by different students to register multiple accounts.


Q.  I entered the 'Promocode' but am unable to get the discount.

A. Make sure

You have entered the 'Promocode' correctly

The promo code has not expired

You are eligible to use that Promocode


Q. What is 'Coll Reg. Number'?

A. The Coll Reg. Number is the college roll number of the student.




Q. What is the Dashboard

A. The Dashborad is the secure area that the student is directed to after logging in. here the student can monitor his progress, take tests, analyse reports, and improve performance using the various tools provided


Q. What is My Progress?

A. The My Progress tab is a snapshot of how many papers you have completed from the Mock Test and previous years CET papers. The Overall progress section gives the student the percentage of completion of the course as a whole and that of the CET and Mock papers. The My Mock Test/ My CET Test section on the right shows the you how many papers, of each subject, you have finished in each of these categories.


Q. What is “Mock” under the My Test tab?

A. The Mock Test provides practice question papers in Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology based on the CET pattern.


Q. What is “CET” under the “My Test” tab?

A. The CET section contains the CET papers of Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology from the last 10 years meant for the student to get a feel for the 'real thing'.


Q. What is Peer Ranking?

A. When a student completes a test in Physics, Chemistry, Maths or Physics, Chemistry, Biology, he/she will be assigned an engineering or medical rank respectively by comparing the marks scored with that of the score of other students in Karnataka. There will also be a provision for a Performance Tracker to track the progress.


Q. What is a Performance Tracker?

A. The Performance Tracker is a tool that graphically depicts the marks scored by the student in tests for PCM and/or PCB. It can be used to see how the performance, on the whole, has been through the increasing/decreasing trend of the graph. It shows if a students performance in engineering/medical tests is getting better or worse with each test.


Q. What is Test Analysis?

A. Test analysis is a more detailed section where the performance is tracked according to each subject. It will show the score, the time taken and the accuracy of the tests along with displaying the test results according to the subject and the number of tests attempted under each subject. It is also the section that houses the Accuracy booster.


Q. What is the Accuracy Booster?

A. The Accuracy Booster is also a graph that plots the performance of the student in the tests taken in one particular subject by comparing the average time the student took for each question and the number of correct answers. With the Accuracy Booster the student will be able to accurately judge the time to be spent on each question to maximise the efficiency of answering the test.


Q. How do I get an accurate peer ranking report?

A. You can do the first 7 test, under Mock test, at any time you wish however the last 3 tests have to be taken at a predefined date and time so as to enable us to provide you with an accurate Peer Ranking Report. You will be informed of the date and time for each of the test well in advance and you will be taking the test with all the other students from Karnataka.


Member Accounts


Q. I cant log in. What do I do?

A. If log in fails:

Make sure that you have entered the same email id and password that you registered with

Make sure that 'Caps lock' is off


Q. I forgot my password. What do I do?

A. To retrieve your password

Click on “Forgot password”

Enter the email id that you have registered with and click on “Reset”.

The details will be sent to the registered email address.


Q. How many question papers do I get when I register with you?

A. Each account is set up to provide you with 20 question papers (10 mock and 10 CET papers). That is a total of over 1000 questions per subject!


Q. I want to change the college roll/register number I had entered during registration.

A. The college roll/register number cannot be changed once entered. The student can however create a new account with the new roll number.


Q. I am a teacher and want to post answers and solutions to the topic on Doubtfire. How do I do that?

A. Doubtfire is a 'Free of Cost' a service provided by us for all our members. If you wish to post a comment or solution on doubtfire you need to be logged into your ImproveYourRank account. In case you are a teacher and want to post solutions the process is simple:

Click on "Register now"

Fill in all the details and select "Free user"

Click on the activation link  that is sent to you via email

Once your account is active you will have complete access to all sections in Doubtfire along with the ability to post solutions and comment on the discussions underway.


College Navigator

Q. What is the College Navigator?

A. The college Navigator is a register where you can either search for a college based on your Karnataka CET rank or see the cut off for each branch offered by a particular college. Please note that the ranks and cut-offs mentioned in the College Navigator are based on data of the previous years patterns. The ranks are an approximation and are predicted. The final cut-offs and ranks still depend on the authorities.

Q. What is Category in College Navigator?

A. Karnataka CET categorises students based on various criteria. This includes General category, SC/ST, OBC, Defence, etc.

Q. How do I know what category I fit in?

A. When you apply for Karnataka CET, the brochure provided to you also contains all the details about the different categories currently used by the CET cell. In case you can not find your brochure, you can always visit the CET website for more information.

Q. What is “By Rank”

A. You can use to look for the colleges that you can apply to based on your Karnataka CET rank. Here you will be shown the colleges that suit you based on your CET rank, Category, and the branch that you would like to join.

Q. How do I read the table for By Rank?

A. The first column, Rank, indicates the cut off rank, i.e. the last rank that a particular college will accept

The second, College Name, column gives the name of the college

The third, Place, column indicates the location of the college

The fourth, Branch, column shows what all branches are available

The fifth column, Category, indicates the categories accepted for each college and branch

Q. What is “By College”

A. By College is a filter that tells you the branches available to you based on a particular college and the category that you belong to. Here you are required to choose your categry and the college that you want to join.

Q. How do I read the table for By College

A. The first column, Rank, indicates the cut off rank, i.e. the last rank that the college will accept

The second, College Name, column gives the name of the college

The third, Place, column indicates the location of the college

The fourth, Branch, column shows what all branches are available

The fifth column, Category, indicates the categories accepted for each college and branch

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