What is ImproveYourRank?

ImproveYourRank is a product designed to help students reduce the gap between expectation and reality and prevent heartaches after the CET exam. Despite the best efforts of the students and teachers, it is very difficult to achieve the dream rank because it is impossible to judge the competition from other students from all over the state. Currently, there is no way for the students to gauge their preparation on a state wide basis. ImproveYourRank is a platform that aims at helping the students perform better in the CET by giving them the right tools and most importantly, an insight into the competition.

Why ImproveYourRank?

  • Know your CET ranking even before you take the Real CET exam
  • Get motivation from others experiences
  • Clear all your doubts
  • All the important formulae and points are now just a click away
  • Improve your accuracy with the help the Accuracy Booster and Automatic Time Management
  • Use the Performance Tracker to track your performance in relation to the Engineering/Medicine fields
  • Question papers set by top lecturers from all over India
  • Get access to old CET papers
  • Get detailed analysis of the question papers you attempt
  • Let us analyse your performance and guide you towards improvement while you concentrate on studying

How to ImproveYourRank?

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